Noor Translation Services Ltd, is a UK based translation company with an excellent reputation for price, quality and service in the technical translation. NTS is a small but highly experienced and reputable company with the very best linguists.

We understand that finding quality translators with the right blend skill and experience is not easy, and so offer you a variety of experienced interpreters at the touch of a button. We are specialised in English and Arabic languages, using professional natives who speak the mother tongue, knowing all accents and understanding their cultures.


Noor Translation Services is specialised in English & Arabic Languages, using professional natives who speak the mother tongue, knowing all accents and understanding their cultures.

We employ specialist legal translators. The majority have at least five years experience gained in a great variety of different translation contexts-legal correspondence, articles of association,  and so on. They possess good language degrees and appropriate qualifications.


Simultaneous and Consecutive interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting is typically carried out by an interpreter stationed in a soundproof booth. Simultaneous interpreting requires intense concentration so interpreters may work in pairs, alternating every 20-30 minutes.

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker pauses every one to five minutes, allowing the interpreter to render what has been said into the target language with the help of notes made whilst the speaker was talking.

Legalisation & Notary Public

We offer a full range of Authentication / Legalisation / Notarial services at a reasonable price. The Legalisation Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is the only competent authority to issue Apostilles in the UK. Legalisation is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a UK public document is genuine. It does not authenticate the content of the document. Legalisation is usually required by foreign authorities before they will allow a UK document to be used for official purposes in their country


Ahmad Elterk
Senior Translator / Interpreter

He leads a growing team of dedicated Arabic Interpreters & Translators. Our team has extensive experience of Interpreting and translating to achieve the best results. Ahmad is well known as an expert Arabic Interpreter and translator, having spent 17 years at this Profession. He has a first degree in Arabic, First and Masters degree in Law. He is a qualified Arabic Conference Interpreter and provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services. He is qualified as a Solicitor in England and Wales. Ahmad is a member of the Law Society, and the National Register of Public Service Interpreters.

About Us

Our goal in both the work we produce and our relationships with clients, is excellent with a sense of urgency. We are committed to personal service, high quality standards, and meeting our clients deadlines. These are the essential elements that keep our clients coming back and differentiate us from our competitors.We employ a wide range of professional translators who are picked for their mother tongue fluency and their understanding of the language and subject area, as well as their experience and qualifications. Our interpreters stick to deadlines and understand what you need

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